You know what being in love feels like. I can show you what it looks like.
I have over 13 years of experience chasing the light and photographing the things we can't see. My camera has taken me all over the country on AMAZING adventures and I can't wait to see where we go next.

Around here Love is Love, Black lives matter, and science is real. 

I'm Lauren

Let's get to know eachother

My biggest inspirations are my own love stories. I am a Mom to four of the coolest kids in the world. 

I am also wildly in love with my Harley Davidson motorcycle riding girlfriend. We currently reside in the Arizona Desert with our kiddos and two fur babies. 

More about me...

-Laura F


Both my Partner and I feel so incredibly lucky that we managed to be able to get Lauren as our photographer. We feel like we got in just before everyone knows who she is and she can charge top dollar for her sessions- she’s really that good! Thank you so much for everything, Lauren. I am spouting your praises to anyone who will listen!


Number of years I've spent doing what I love and documenting your stories


Number of first dances I have photographed.


Number of line dances I am fully confident in leading!


Average number of hours spent staring at my computer each week


Number of kids I have.


Random facts about yours truly

I am a hopeless romantic. I really am. I love people and the relationships they have with each other. When I was younger I thought I would be a reporter. I have been able to do some free-lance photo journalist work over the years but my heart is photographing people in love. 

I am so proud of my little business and I am so happy you are here! 

the reason I do what I do

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